Adwords Online Marketing

SEO is no longer a choice. If your site is not properly optimized for the search engines then you simply won't be found and your important message or spectacular product will never see the light of day. Lucky for you, we know our fair share about the SEO game and can get your site seen and found with enough time.


Any marketing campaign is only as effective as it is well researched. We analyse your niche, competition and every bit of information you provide us to place you above everyone else.

With the right keywords, long tail terms and insight into what your competition is doing there is nothing stopping you from dominating the first pages of Google search with your tailored adds.

Creative Approach

Electricrayon performs no task without creativity. We strongly believe that even the most mathematical dilemma could benefit from a more colourful angle. Creativity is after all the mind having fun and more powerful the mind the more creative it becomes.

For your Google adds we apply creativity in writing compelling copy,finding the long tail and targeting it to find hidden niches and in the usage of your marketing budget to push your adds far beyond that of your competition.

Structured Method

Any machine will cease if its design is not structured. The same applies to your adwords account. If we do not work within structure you are wasting money on people who are not completely interested in what you have to offer.

Electricrayon creates your Google Adds with a long term plan in mind to both save you money whilst boosting your ROI (return on interest). We monitor every detail and make educated decisions on how to allocate your funds and reach the most targeted audience possible.

Your offering needs to be seen

Allow us to make it happen