Business Portfolio Websites

A well designed website is a great and valuable asset to whomever it belongs. Whether you are an artist or a business owner a strong online presence can generate much needed attention and possible revenue for you. We are exactly what you need for this very purpose.

Expert in-house copywriter

Copywriting can make or break your site in more ways than one. A sound strategy is required to ensure your business or artistic endeavour is understood for what it is.

At Electricrayon we love words so indescribably that we believe all things can be described with words. All of your websites copy (or wording) is carefully crafted to not only entice your potential clients but also to keep Google happy. We follow all the best practices in terms of readability, elegance and technical detail ensuring your site performs on every level.

Continuity is key

A brand is not remembered without that vein of continuous recognition. To create something that will be remembered for generations to come is what all of us desire on a most primal level.

At Electricrayon we see patterns and build on them. Your brand will pop with our attention. We take your colour scheme and intricately weave them in with a strong theme of images and font styling ensuring that your brand is at the forefront every step of the way.

Originality within boundaries

There is much to be said for constraints and the creative force as any artist will tell you. We aspire to create a unique look and feel that speaks to your target clientele whilst taking note of what other exceptional sites in your niche are doing to ensure we stay on the cutting edge of web design.

Your site will stand out amongst your peers whilst retaining functionality and usability.

Showcase your passion

Allow us to create for you an on line masterpiece.