eCommerce Web Design

Everyone and their aunt is online today which means you as a business owner have even more reason to get in on the eCommerce game. Our eCommerce web design service is sculpted to your personal and unique needs and our technical knowledge will ensure that it works as well as it is beautiful.

In depth research

Understanding the your arena is paramount to competing in the increasingly busy eCommerce world. We closely examine your niche, your competition and the eCommerce savants in other fields to ensure your online store appeals to you target clientele whilst pushing the envelope in terms design and usability.

Monitoring and Adjusting

Rarely do fresh out the box eCommerce stores succeed over night. Lucky for you we at Electricrayon continuously monitor the interaction between your clients and the e-store keeping our eyes peeled for any and every possibility of improvement.

With the help of Google Analytics, Webmaster tools and one or two other powerful tools we stay on top of your click through rate, conversions and so much more. If something can be improved, were there waiting to improve.

Design with logic

We strive to create your e-store to be beautiful as well as practical. Every little detail is taken into account and optimized for both people and robots which ensure your eCommerce site looks good and is found by interested parties.

Mobile friendly design, clean code and logical page hierarchy are only a few of the paramount details we focus on. You also receive on site SEO optimization as part of the package at no extra cost.

Take your business on line

Reach thousands upon thousands