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Small business websites

We are living in a electronic world, and we are an electronic firm. If Madonna was bourne in the nineties that is what she would be singing. But in all seriousness a creative and functional site has become essential for anyone whether you are a small business owner, a budding fashion photographer or the local vermi-composter. There is something to be gained from the millions of people browsing the web every day.

We tireless research, examine, contemplate and ultimately design until we get the perfect layout and user experience for your venture. Your site will zing and those who visit it will compliment and congratulate you on your epic website time and time again. We offer a tailored experience for each and every one of our clients because you are important to us and so is your website.

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E-commerce solutions

The eCommerce arena has come a very long way in the past decade. We face off against the giants like Amazon and Kalahari but these days many people prefer to purchase from the small business owner rather than the corporate conglomerates. With enough research and a unique offering there is nothing stopping any one of us of making a success in selling online.

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What our clients think

  • James Rautenbach from Electricrayon has been an amazing asset to our Online Marketing Agency. He has brought forth strong technical knowledge and most importantly when faced with new technology challenges he simply finds a solution without request or demand from our side. His focus in Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click Adwords has been formidable. He goes the extra mile and unlike most can actually write copy on top of his many skills. He comes highly recommended as ethical, upfront, committed, skilled and a person of integrity.
  • I would like to thank you for all the effort you put into creating my new website. Your efficient response and turn around time on any queries I may have is excellent. My Google Adwords is well run and managed. A simple and effective way for me to manage my page. Thank you for your continuous advice, feedback and suggestions, it is much appreciated. I will definitely recommend your services to other clients.
    Lloyd Swartz - CEO
    Pristine Cleaners
  • I put our entire business in the hands of Electricrayon from the design phases through to every word on the site. We were and still are incredibly happy with the creativity and functionality they imbued our e-commerce site with. I would recommend them to anyone looking to get their business on line. - Lotuscede


Search engine optimization is the practise of showing the major search engines just how valuable our websites are. It's a multi layered process starting with On-site optimization. Everything after that is an ongoing practice of link building, blog writing and authority gain.

There is no one size fits all or get to page one quick schemes. It is a exersize that takes time but in the long run pays of or at least if you follow white hat technique like we do. We do not promise anything as anyone who does is either lying to you or is using dodgy black hat technique that will have your site penalised or blacklisted faster than you can say "paid links".

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Online Marketing - Google Adwords

Are you struggeling to find leads for your service or products? Do you want to have your name in front of tens or even hundreds of thousands of eyes every day? Google adwords allows us to do exactly that.

Our experienced e marketers know how to not only show your add to the masses but also save you money by honing in your niche and determining how they search for your service or products.

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